Customer Concerns

When it comes to your car, there should be no reason why you should dread the thought of bringing it in for a repair or feel that this is just another body shop trying to con you into fixing something that is functioning properly. Instead, you should feel secure knowing that your auto body shop is going to provide you with quality service at an affordable rate.

Quality Matters

Here at Classic Body Worx, our team of professionals’ mission is make sure that our clients receive unmatched customer care and results when using our services.

As a renowned body shop in the Philadelphia area, we treat all of our customers as individuals, with unique needs and designing our services to cater to their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use generic parts in your repairs?

Our commitment to honesty and integrity means we keep you completely informed about the process of repairing your vehicle. We would prefer to use new original equipment, but if your insurance policy requires the use of after-market parts, we will inform you of this. And, if the after-market parts are not up to our quality specifications, we simply won't use them. Given the complex nature of today's insurance policies, the generic parts issue is between you and the insurance carrier. However, YOU are our customer and we will do everything we can to keep you advised!

Must i get more than one estimate?

NO. It is a common notion that you are required to get more that one estimate when seeking repair work. This is not the case. You are free to choose any reputable repair provider you wish. It is our job to provide you with a damage report and estimated costs. But with today's complex vehicles, there may be hidden damage. That's why most vehicles are repaired on an open contract basis between the repair facility and the insurance company.

Will the paint match the old paint?

Paint matching has become a science in our industry, so we have a computerized paint lab on site. This also helps to adhere to the standards of your insurance company as we will help satisfy the terms of your policy while making certain YOU are satisfied with the work that is done!

Besides pigmentation, there are many factors that can change the color and shade of the paint, such as temperature, differences in air pressure, distances of the application appliance, to name a few. To ensure the closest possible match, we mix our own paint and blend the adjacent panels around damaged section of the vehicle so there is no noticeable difference. Finally, you can be assured that Classic only uses top of the line materials that feature long term durability.

How long will it take to fix my vehicle?

We make every effort to make sure your vehicle is repaired quickly, but how long is determined by the amount and severity of damage. It also depends on the type of vehicle and availability of parts. Naturally, the more common the car, the more likely the parts will be readily available.

Because today's vehicles are more complex than ever, not all damage parts can always be seen and therefore, not ordered before the vehicle arrives for repair. The truth is, no matter what any body shop tells you, we can only offer our educated opinion as to when the vehicle will be completed. We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but at Classic, it has never been our policy to over promise and under deliver!

To whom and when do i pay my deductible?

Your deductible is paid to the repair facility, not the insurance company as many people think. Unless prior credit arrangements have been made, most repair facilities expect payment of the deductible at the time repairs are completed. To make it more convenient for our customers, Classic accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

What is direct repair?

Many insurance companies name a Direct Repair Provider to handle their customers collision repair and initial claims processing. This means that your insurance company may suggest you use a certain repair facility. This method can eliminate the hassle of you gathering your own estimates.

Classic is a Direct Repair facility for a variety of different insurance companies and can process your claim on the spot. However, Classic wants you to understand that, as a customer, this in no way impedes your freedom of choice. As much as a repair facilities and insurance companies would like you to believe that you must do business with whom they suggest, it is still your option to choose the reputable facility of your choice. Classic's written warranty assures you of an honest price and superior workmanship.